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Quality y Solar Products Company in Tanzania

Qulity Solar Products Company in Tanzania

Qulity Solar Products Company in Tanzania

Qulity Solar Products Company in Tanzania

Baraka Solar Specialist is a strong company that deals with Solar lighting for dispensaries, schools, residential houses, Offices and Backup Systems to mention a few. The company also deals with sale of consumer products like Solar Mobile batteries and Laptop chargers, Solar Home Kit, Solar LED bulbs, Energy saver bulbs, Solar household lamps and Garden Lamps. Baraka Solar Specialist aims to provide sustainable energy solutions and services to under-served Institutions, households and businesses and empower its customers by providing a complete package of products and services. All products we sale and install are Baraka Solar Brand.


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To generate and supply solar energy in the most cost effective, competitive and sustainable ways that will add value to energy consumers and make tremendous contribution to the environment.


Baraka solar specialist is focused to offer the best for its customers. This means devotion to solar with heart and soul, providing assurance for solar energy technology and being able to lead others in offering the most satisfying service to customers in the market.


The Company has evolved a high performance work culture in which staffs operate in a fast paced and challenging environment that encourages creativity and commitment. In our pursuit of excellence, we are focused on attracting and developing the best talent in the marketplace. Baraka Solar fosters a work environment where employees can realize their full potential.


Since old times has been pushing forward the power behavior of human development. Nowadays, Speed is Power of Competition especially in the changing Market, and is even the most important characteristic of industry. Baraka Solar is to become the leader of all over Tanzania and East Africa; it must create the unique speed.


Cost is the core value of solar career, is also the final Judgment standard of our value. No matter the Technology, Management or Sale, Baraka Solar Pursuit the Economic cost of the great quality in every segment. Only has value competence to achieve cost thoroughly, Baraka Solar has been the excellent representative of solar career and forge human`s bright future in a fastest speed.

To become a dominant force in the provision of clean, safe and renewable energy in East Africa.

  • Creating products based on end user needs: going beyond just being a technology supplier but customizing our products based on individual needs.
  • Installation and after-sales service: dedicating Regional energy service centers to ensure prompt maintenance and service.
  • Standardized financing packages: creating channels for end users to afford systems based on their cash flow.

Baraka Solar Specialist currently employs about 14 employees in Dar Es Salaam and Arusha, spread across 2 energy service centers. Since 2009, we have sold, and serviced over 100 solar systems to our customers. We rolled out Solar Project at Mpanda District Council where more than 20 Secondary Schools and 20 Dispensaries in Mpanda District Council got complete new renewable energy Solar Systems; at Njombe District Council which benefits few dispensaries and health centers. We also lighten Dispensaries and Health centers of Iringa Rural District Council not to mention Wama Nakayama Secondary School, situated at Rufiji District where classrooms and dormitories were lighten and Street lights were placed.

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