Dealers in Design and Installation of Solar Systems to Government and Private Institutions (Schools, Dispensaries), Residential Houses, Shops, Offices and Sale of Solar Consumer Products

This is the component of a solar system that generates electricity or changes sun light and heat to electricity. Electricity generated by the panel is stored in a solar battery ready to be supplied for use.
Baraka Solar specialist limited sales deep cycle sealed dry batteries under the firm’s brand name. They are as well of different types and capacities.
We’re professional solar water pump suppliers and installation  specialized in providing high quality water pump.
A solar inverter converts the variable DC power stored in a battery into a utility frequency AC current that can be used by most equipment like computers, TV, radio, AC and refrigerators

Education,training & After Sales Maintenance

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Solar Education and Training

Baraka Solar specialist limited offer free education and training to customers before they accept a Solar system..

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After Sale Maintenance and Support

We offers after sale maintenance services to the installed system for a period of not less than one year..

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    Creating channels for end users to afford systems based on their cash flow.