Increased productivity: 100%

Through provision of solar lights, Baraka Solar specialist limited has been able to successfully empower individuals to run their businesses without dependence on fuel based products for lighting.

Creating awareness and faith in solar power 100%

In its nascent stage, it took One year for Baraka Solar specialist limited to provide solar lighting for 100 houses. Creating awareness about the company was not the challenge; it was generating an understanding about better alternatives to unreliable rural lighting.

Improving quality of life 100%

Linking income generating activities(Charging Mobile Phones) with energy services has improved the quality of life for several members of underserved households by providing affordable channels to procure the technology thereby increasing work hours and hence productivity. Market linkages to income generating activities also contributed to increasing affordability of end user.

Providing high quality customized products 100%

Baraka Solar specialist limited provides the same quality of products and services to all its customers irrespective of their economic status: thereby distinguishing itself as a need based solution provider.